• Breakthrough


    Free Flex helps people of all ages and abilities with mobility, pain relief and athletic performance. The auto stretcher can provide similar stretching effects to certain yoga poses, giving the individual the benefit of increased energy, mental awareness, enhanced coordination and better mobility.

  • Key


    Free Flex has 16 multi-joint stretches and over 40 variations. This allows for unlimited circuits for sports, rehab, post therapy and quality of life stretch circuits. Our software gives individuals all basic stretches and several preset circuits for specific pre & post activities, and feedback on performance.

  • Extra


    The PRO SERIES allows professionals to build specific circuits for individuals for rehab, sports specific, post therapy or specific client needs. These specialized circuits can be kept in the client’s specific file for tracking. There is also an option for signing into the machine for real time feedback.

  • Physical


    The benefit’s exclusive to Free Flex are 4 to 8 minute circuits, BI-LATERAL STRETCHING, NEUTRAL PELVIS and ASSISTED MECHANICAL FORCE. This provides the Free Flex a one of a kind outcome that’s quicker and longer lasting than any other form of stretching. Come in today and try it out!

Free Flex

Whether you are looking to eliminate pain, improve mobility or continue to maintain an active lifestyle, Free Flex is the answer. This state of the art auto stretching system allows you to stretch the entire body in as little as eight minutes. Free Flex is a bilateral stretching system. Each side of the body is being stretched equally during the stretch duration.

Free Flex provides mechanical force during the time of the stretch. This allows for greater outcome. It also allows you to control a total body circuit in as little as eight minutes while tracking your results. Free Flex is the perfect complement to your exercise program or therapy.


"I had lower back pain for 40 years. The Free Flex eliminated the pain almost immediately. In my 74 years, I have never experienced such a drastic improvement in my overall health”

Tom Kawa

"We love the Free Flex. I have been pain free and injury free since I started using it. This machine has helped my husband in his profession by minimizing his back and shoulder pain to the extent that we bought one.”

Sheila Garvey

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Stretching properly can enhance your physical performance and increase your strength.

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